Runner Bangladesh Development Society (RBDS) is a youth advocacy and human development based platform working in Bangladesh, whose core comprises of social workers, philanthropists and educationists from different backgrounds of the society.

Founded on 14th December 2014, it works in accordance with UN Sustainable Development Plans in response to the felt needs in areas of youth and human life development through empowerment, education and resource mobilization. We believe in bringing about social change by making a cooperative system of amalgamation and material development of human life and inspire to bring a smile to every human’s faces.

What We Do

Runner Bangladesh Development Society strives to work in response to the felt needs of development in areas of the poor and hardships people face, especially issues of extreme poverty, refugee crisis, etc with a view to alleviate the issues through empowerment, education and resource mobilization for improving their life and livelihood.

Accordingly, Runner Bangladesh Development Society has engaged in numerous youth activities and aided in human development activities throughout the country.

Board of Directors

Mohammad Emdadul Islam


Safiqul Hasan

Executive Director

Mohammed Yousuf

Vice President

Md Salah Uddin

Vice President

Rafiqul Hasan

Vice President

Abdullah Shaheen


Tanjil Mahmud


Tahsin Riaz


Tajwar Quessem


Iqbal H. Ripon