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Leadership Training Workshop Organised by Runner Bangladesh

Participants in Winter Leadership Training Programme
Participants in Winter Leadership Training Programme

A number of students selected from various educational institutions in the capital attended a 'leadership training' workshop conducted by youth development organisation Runner Bangladesh Development Society. The day-long event, held in Runner Bangladesh's conference hall in Lalmatia is titled 'Winter Leadership Training Programme, 2015'.

Speaker Abdullah Hasan from Young Journalists' Forum Bangladesh said that the defining quality of a good leader is the ability to communicate effectively. As a result he urged the participants to work on their communication skills in order to be good leader.

Executive Director of Bangladesh Initiative for Political Development (BIPD) Abdullah Jobayer and a speaker from 'Ei Desh' Shamsher Ali Helal addressed that today's youth are the guide to the nation of tomorrow. They also said that the key to building a self-sufficient nation is in utilising scientific and technological innovation for its betterment.

Chief administrators of the event--which is based on the theme 'Express Yourself'--were Runners Safiqul Hasan and Tajwar Quessem. Besides, others present during the event were Runner Bangladesh's Vice President Rafiqul Hasan, Shahed Sharif, Rakib Al Hasan, Touhid Islam, Syed Al Haque, Ashraful Alam Talha, Pavel Abir, Jaheda Tumpa and several other Runners from Runner Bangladesh.

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